Delivering Master's course


WP4 package :

Delivering the master’s courses


This master course will begin in September 2017 in La Rochelle University. The end of this programme will be in July 2018.

The Pedagogic team constituted in Work Package 2 will define the criteria for selecting students and workers.

These criteria will be communicated to all project partners and to a larger audience in order to broaden the recruitment reach and to select best suited students.



The first objective is to recruit 12 apprentices or students. This number will be increased the year after if enough apprentice placements and research projects for internship are offered by SMEs or laboratories.

During the Master’s course, a “summer school” will take place to improve understanding and practical skills of people involved in the Blue Biotechnology domain. The focused 3-day period will allow in-depth study and immersion in a stimulating research environment.

The academic sessions will be based on interactive workshops and conferences. All sessions, workshops and classes will be led by faculty members with years of experience and by industrialists willing to impart their knowledge.


First objective is to allow students to swiftly enter the labour market once graduated. Secondly, the project aims at capitalising on this flagship project to develop new similar Master’s degrees in the partner’s universities or anywhere else in Europe.


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