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BBMBC A Blue Biotechnology Master for a Blue Career

BBMBC will launch an Applied Blue Biotechnology Master II. The Master course will be co-designed with industry and focused on blue biotechnologies.

It will provide knowledge and skills for jobs in the health, nutrition and aquaculture domains and will include strong elements of work-based training. The Master will be accessible to workers through lifelong learning schemes and mentoring opportunities.


Participating countries: France, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal


Image article Open Days at the University of La Rochelle...
16 October 2017
Open Days at the University of La Rochelle...

The University of La Rochelle (Nouvelle-Aquitaine) organise its Open Days on Saturday 3 February 2018. The Blue Biotechnology Master for a Blue Career created by BBMBC...

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20 June

We are promoting our project at an exciting festival in #LaRochelle today - the 'Journées Aliment santé de La Roch…
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31 May

At Burgas (Bulgaria) promoting our Applied Blue Biotechnology Master @BlueBiotech at #EMD2018 @Atlantic_Arc
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31 May

We are delighted to be attending the #EMD2018 in Burgas today 🇧🇬 Where we will be meeting other #maritime stakehold…
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4 May

Andrew Desbois , prof at @StirUni and partner of @BlueBiotech project : lecture at @UCV_es on Blue #biotech applied…
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4 May

Stéphanie Bordenave, prof at @UnivLaRochelle and leader of @BlueBiotech project presents in front of 40 students of…
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3 May

. @neoalgae explains application of blue #biotechnology in agrifood industry. Neoalgae currently welcomes a student…
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3 May

Douglas McKenzie from @xanthellaltd, one of the SMEs part of #bbmbc, is presenting is experience in #algae producti…
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3 May

#Blue #Biotechnology Applications I: Challenges in algae biomass production @UCV_es @BlueBiotech @EU_EASME @EU_MARE
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