Design of the Blue Master’s course


WP2 package :

Design of the Blue Master’s courses


The main objective of this Work Package is to establish what courses are needed for students and workers in the blue biotechnology field at Master II level.

With the design of a questionnaire for industrial stakeholders, academic partners identified a list of scientific knowledge and competencies to be acquired by the students. This questionnaire led to a syllabus with corresponding ECTS.



This syllabus indicates all courses needed for the delivery of the master II and specifies the time devoted to each course and practical training. Specific needs for the apprenticeship are taken into consideration, as well as a training scheme compatible with the needs of experienced workers intending to upgrade technical qualifications.

The networks of each partner is essential to constitute a performant teaching team aware of the European dimension of this project. Including academics and professionals, this team will train students to be able to speak the language of academia and industry.


First objective is to allow students to swiftly enter the labour market once graduated. Secondly, the project aims at capitalising on this flagship project to develop new similar Master’s degrees in the partner’s universities or anywhere else in Europe.


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