Communication and dissemination


WP6 package :

Communication and dissemination


Communication is of paramount importance in European projects, especially in highly scientific projects such as “A Blue Master for a Blue Career”.

The CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission is leader of this Work Package. As a network of 150 Regions across Europe, the CPMR will be to multiply and disseminate the information across its vast network of members and contacts in the maritime sector.

The objective of this Work Package is to ensure a good visibility for the project and its results.

Twitter account, website, articles in specialized press, participation in high level events, etc. are part of this work package to generate knowledge and interest about the project among the general public.

In addition, this work package includes a campaign on careers opportunities offered by the Blue Biotechnology sector and the importance of Ocean resources aimed at secondary school to higher education students.

All partners are directly involved in these activities and will contribute through exhibitions and/or conferences in their respective regions.


First objective is to allow students to swiftly enter the labour market once graduated. Secondly, the project aims at capitalising on this flagship project to develop new similar Master’s degrees in the partner’s universities or anywhere else in Europe.



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