Aprenticeship & long life learning


WP3 package :

Apprenticeship and Life Long Learning

This Work Package aims to develop apprenticeship and long life learning opportunities at the master level to increase the sustainability of the project.

It is a duo Work Package since the UFA (Apprenticeship Formation Unit) is responsible for the implementation of the policy concerning work-linked training by the University of La Rochelle and the MRIP (Long-life Training and Employability department) is responsible of the lifelong learning.




Indeed, UFA is in charge of apprenticeships, ensuring coherence in the educational progress, quality of the tutoring of the apprentice and it is at the interface for financial and legal aspects, between the various interlocutors covered by partnership agreements. The MRIP will take the legal responsibility for the long life learning activities and will appeal to people in employment for whole year training. Workers can also choose to participate to some parts of the master programme (e.g. week-long) in order to strengthen their skills and knowledge.

This Work Package will also constitute a directory of Atlantic companies and laboratories working in the blue biotechnology field to propose to students a large choice of positions for apprenticeship and internship opportunities. Each SME interested in the Applied Blue Biotechnology master II programme will be given a memento with all information needed to recruit students. An agreement pack will be also prepared in order to inform students and SME’s about theirs rights and obligations.


First objective is to allow students to swiftly enter the labour market once graduated. Secondly, the project aims at capitalising on this flagship project to develop new similar Master’s degrees in the partner’s universities or anywhere else in Europe.


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