Transferability & feedback


WP5 package :

Transferability and feedback


This Work Package is focused on the transferability of the Applied Blue Biotechnology Master II to different industrial sectors and/or geographical areas.

One of its objective aims at getting an accreditation from the Spanish Ministry of Education’s ANECA (National Agency for the Evaluation of Education Quality) so that the the Applied Blue Biotechnology Master II can be taught in Spain.



These criteria will be communicated to all project partners and to a larger audience in order to broaden the recruitment reach and to select best suited students.

This work package also focuses on producing an accurate assessment of the Master’s class. Given that the proposed educational programme is industry-oriented, it is of utmost importance to gather the opinion of the partner SMEs once the students have completed the master programme and, thus, their industrial education phase. Students will also be asked about their satisfaction.

Other European geographical areas where the implementation of this Master programme could have a positive impact in the training of professionals and/or the development of related industrial sectors, will be thoroughly analyzed.

Moreover, the knowledge gained throughout the project will be presented in a methodology brochure and may be published in a peer-reviewed article format for a pedagogic innovation journal, so that other academic institutions can benefit from this experience to implement similar industry-focused programmes.

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