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1. If you use the Internet Explorer browser

  •  In Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" button, then on "Internet Options".

  • In the "General" tab, go to "Browser history" and click on "Settings".

  • Click on the "Show files" button.

  • Click on the header of the "Name" column to sort all the files in alphabetical order, then browse the list until you see the files starting with "Cookie". (all cookies have this prefix and the name usually includes the name of the website that created them).

  • Select any cookies including the name "" and delete them.

  • Close the window containing the list of files, then click twice on OK to return to Internet Explorer.

2. If you use the Firefox browser

  • Open the "Tools" tab in the browser, then select the "Options" menu

  • In the window displayed, select "Privacy" and click on "delete specific cookies"

  • Type "" in the search bar, select the corresponding cookies, and delete them.

3. If you use the Safari browser

  • In your browser, select the "Edit" menu > "Preferences".

  • Click on "Security".

  • Click on "Show cookies".

  • Select any cookies containing ""Delete" or "Delete all".

  • When you have deleted the cookies, click on "Finish".

4. If you use the Google Chrome browser

  •  Click on the "Tool menu" icon.

  • Select "Settings".

  • Click on "Show Advanced setting…"

  • Click on the "Content settings" button, then "Cookies and site data"

  • Type "" in the search bar, select the corresponding cookies, and delete them.

  • Click on "Close" to return to your browser.